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Active Piezo Buzzer: HS1475P19

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Active Piezo Buzzer: HS1475P19
  • Mech Spec: Ф13.8 × H7.5, pitch=7.6, audio indicator
  • Characteristics: 4.0kHz, 85dB(A), Design Update
  • Rated Voltage: 12Vdc, sound indicator
Part Number HS1475P19 HS1475P17
Operating Voltage  10~ 15Vdc 3~7Vdc
Rated Voltage 12Vdc 5Vdc
Current Consumption Max 8mA Max 8mA
Sound Pressure Level Min 85dB(A) / 10cm Min 82dB(A) / 10cm
Oscillation Frequency 4.0±0.3kHz 4.0±0.3kHz
Dimension (mm) Ф13.8 x H7.5, pitch=7.6 Ф13.8 x H7.5, pitch=7.6


Design update, replace the former buzzer of HS1407P17.

Meanwhile, HS1407P17 stop building from June, 2016.

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