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Micro Piezoelectric Buzzer

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    Huisen Technology has finished a breakthrough in buzzer area and published the smallest and lightest surface mounting SMD piezoelectric buzzer. This new buzzer will occupy less space of customer's end product and the size is only 9×9×2mm (P/N: HS0902P01).
    Sound pressure level output, measured 10cm from buzzer, is better than 70dB when driven with a ±1.5V 4kHz square wave. Maximum peak-to-peak voltage is ±12.5V. Power consumption is typically 0.6mW, which helps preserve battery life in power budget constrained consumer electronic devices. Since the buzzer does not use any magnets or coils to create sound it doesn’t generate any electrical noise and therefore has minimum impact on surrounding circuitry. 
    The applications of this new piezo transducer include blood glucose meters, personal thermometers, digital electronics and toys etc.
    Meanwhile, Huisen will continue to explore new area to achieve next breakthrough. 
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